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It is about a small leeward port with a sandy beach and deep blue water. The small bay with the crystal-clear sea fascinates you.

The old footpath as well as the main road to Vathi, that is old settlement of potters in the SW beach of island, starts from "Katavati". On the road to Vathi the traveller can see the monastery of "Fyrogia" and after a short while the church of Saint Andrea, built in 1701 in the homonym prehistoric citadel.

The archaeological discoveries here testify the continuous living from the "Mycenaean" until the Hellenistic years. In the means of roughly way is found the monastery of "Taxiarchis of Mersini" (1738). On the right side of the big petal-shape beach with the calm sea it is built (17th century) the Church of "Taxiarchis" and "Evaggelistrias".

At Vathi you will find Greek taverns, patisseries, café-bars and traditional pottery-making shops were visitors can observe the craft of making pottery in the traditional Sifnian fashion.



White houses with traditional crockery chimneys and small churches with blue domes, built on green hills that lead to sandy beaches. This is the island of Sifnos. In the ancient times the island was famous for the wealth which came from its gold and silver mines and quarries of stone. It enjoyed great prosperity in classical times as can be seen from its treasure dedicated to Apollo at Delphi.

Since 1836 the island capital is Apollonia also named Stavri and stands on three hillsides at the center of the island. 6 km to the west is Sifnos port Kamares. North of Apollonia stand Artemonas a real jewellery of Sifnos, with mansions of neoclassical architecture, with gardens and courtyards full of flowers. Otherbeautiful coastal resorts are Platis Gialos, Faros, Chrissopigi, Vathi, Kastro & Cheronissos.

Sifnos is the birthplace of perhaps the best known chef and food writer Nikos Tselementes. You will definitely find the local food and pastries irresistible. Sifnos is famous not only for its beaches, but also for its pottery.


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